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“My experience of Katherine’s Reiki practice is one of all-consuming peacefulness and calm. She creates a wonderful atmosphere with music, windchimes, burning herbs, and friendliness. Her work is very powerful. Her hands radiate heat and actually pulsate with energy. With my eyes closed I can feel her concentration.

“Sometimes she works by touch alone. Other times she uses her voice as a focus and/or channel for energy, crystalline soprano notes to low guttural tones. Still other times she asks me to act out or feel certain emotions in order to move through certain energy, especially if she identifies it as being blocked. She is extremely skilled in evoking and clarifying all different varieties of fleeting, intangible or shadowy energies. I recommend her highly to anyone who is motivated to explore their beings to their highest potential.” ~~N. DuTertre, New York, New York

“After the very painful loss of my close companion, Katherine, with her nurturing, healing magik, put me back together again. I will always be very grateful for her help.” ~~L. Pacifico,New York, New York

“Katherine’s work is truly ‘holistic’ in that it aligns and heals at all levels — mind, body, spirit and emotions. The Reiki energy is very powerful and yet Katherine channels it in a completely gentle, non-invasive way. I’ve gone to her for problems ranging from overall fatigue and stress to sinus infections and debilitating chest pains. Not only were the physical problems lifted, but the underlying roots of those problems were addressed as well, creating an even greater healing in my psyche and consequently in my life. Katherine is a gifted and intuitive healer. Her work has been a positive and revitalizing force in my healing process.” ~~E. Sarty, Mt. Vernon, New York

“Katherine is a gifted and responsible healer. Her house is filled with harmony and her heart and hands are filled with love. Every one of the many Reiki sessions I have had with Katherine has been one of complete focus on her part and complete balance for me. On two occasions I have had profound spiritual experiences on Katherine’s table. She sets the stage for angels.” ~~L. Giffone, Brooklyn, New York

People – Long Distance (Remote)

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the Reiki session that you did for me. I was tired all of the time. Morning, noon and night. I had no energy or motivation to even do the basic things, like cleaning house, getting work done on time, talking to my kids…these all became chores that seemed too heavy to handle for me. After only one session with you, Katherine, I feel like a great weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. You helped me to see that I was carrying a ton of emotional pain that was weighing me down so that I had no energy to deal with anything else. It was taking all my strength to keep all that hurt deep inside of me so no one else could see it. I know that I still have things to deal with, but now I feel capable of tackling them. I feel so much lighter, more free, and so much less burdened than I have in years. Thank you from the depths of my being….I don’t understand how Reiki works…I just know that it does. I had been consulting a medical Dr. for months, and she had recommended quite an array of things from natural herbs to anti-depressants….none of which helped the tiredness & heaviness of spirit. I still take the things she prescribed, but now after the Reiki session I feel like myself again. Keep up the good work….you have been given a precious gift. To all of you who may be reading this, I would highly recommend Reiki, and Katherine as a Master of this healing art. Blessings to you all…good health, happiness and prosperity!” ~~ R. Holt, Texas

“I avoided a major surgery for 2 years for large multiple uterine fibroids because of fear. As a result of this fear, I avoided taking action for my health condition which consequently developed into a life threatening situation, with surgery as my only option. The turning point in my healing process with all this came in a long distance reiki session I had with Katherine which turned the key with regards to this fear and what the fibroids represented.

“When it came time for the surgery, Katherine sent reiki long distance to me prior to and during the operation, as well as reiki-ing the hospital space and the people working on me. The results were miraculous. First, my debilitating fear completely lifted and I felt calm and safe the morning of the operation. The surgery itself went smoothly in every way. My body surrendered to the healing process at hand and responded beautifully. My physical recovery was amazing too. I barely needed any pain medication after the first day and felt only minimal discomfort. My doctor could not believe how quickly I was healing or how strong I was. Also, every person that worked with me – my doctor, the nurses, hospital staff, were all kind, attentive and great at their jobs. The entire experience, on all levels, was the exact opposite of what I had feared. Both my body and my spirit felt liberated – like something I had been burdened and blocked by my entire life had been healed.” ~~ E. Sarty, Mt. Vernon, NY

“When Katherine first told me about Reiki, I was very skeptical. I was certain she also had a bridge in Brooklyn to sell me too. 🙂 But on meeting her, I knew she was on the level, and upon receiving her Reiki, immediately became a believer. My arm had been broken and had not healed right. I felt a warmth, then a tingling where it needed correction. After the session, I felt at peace and woke up the next day feeling refreshed and that things would turn out O.K. Since then, we found out my son is highly functioning, on the Autism spectrum. Katherine has done a month of short daily sessions on him, and even my mother can tell he is calmer and more able to communicate when things upset him. Katherine has told me of several images she’s perceived while working on my son, and possible symbolism. When she is with us at home, she does Reiki for everyone, even the dog. The whole house seems more welcoming after her visits. Her voice, singing while healing, is clear and feels elemental in quality. More than the physical healing we’ve received, we have also gone through several spiritual shifts and feel more balanced. I highly recommend Katherine’s Reiki, for it’s a gentle, thorough, reassuring energy.” ~~S. Fritz, Gilbert, AZ


Itsabella“Katherine has worked with 2 of my pets, Itsabella (3 year old kitty) and Aretha (11 year old dog) one of whom was having trouble recovering from a chronic middle ear infection and the other an injured cruciate ligament. Since allopathic veterinary care did not complete their recovery and both animals were also depressed and unhappy I sought alternative help. The effect of the Reiki was immediate — remarkable and quite noticeable. Both became very energized, pleased and happy with their improved health.

“Katherine also worked with two desperately ill rescued shelter animals. Again, both responded immediately to the Reiki energy and have regained their health plus their mental and emotional states visibly improved. The workers at the shelter all commented on the changes.

“Katherine’s skill and compassion as a Reiki healer is a valuable resource for any animal in need. I highly recommend her and am grateful to have her help with my animals.” ~~K. Kravik, Maine

“Katherine has done long distance reiki for several of my cats on many occasions with amazing results. The situations have ranged from small behavioral and health problems, to major illness and life threatening crisis. The animals seem to take in the reiki very easily and seem to really love it. I can visibly see a change in them almost immediately when they’re receiving it. Any discomfort is lifted and they seem to be soothed and rejuvenated by it. Within a very short period of time, there is a significant healing and they feel better. I have had some fairly desperate situations turn around because of Katherine’s reiki, all of it done long distance. Katherine has also provided reiki to ease the suffering of cats of mine who were passing on, which brought great calm and peace to them during a critical transition.” ~~E. Sarty, Mt. Vernon, NY

“Katherine performed three Reiki sessions on my dog, May Lee. May Lee is a 10-1/2 year old female Shar Pei and has suffered from an auto-immune disease and chronic ear infections which ulcerated her ears. We have tried everything with traditional medicine, but to no avail. It was truly amazing when the Reiki sessions were occurring. I had no knowledge from Katherine of when exactly she was going to do this, but I knew by looking at May Lee, when it was happening. She lay on her side and slid into the most peaceful, deep and even sleep I have ever seen. After the session was over, she awoke very sleepily and just looked around. It was really quite beautiful. We did this for three evenings in a row and I cannot tell you the difference in her. Her ears have improved 100% and she is the strong, willful dog I remember from a few years ago. Not only did the healing energies impact her ear infections, it increased her strength and resolve beyond my imagination. This is truly remarkable considering that one year ago at this time I was prepared to lose my beloved companion. Thanks Katherine.” ~~ K. Raschke, Stockton Springs, Maine

… and from a friend of May Lee and her human…

“Hi Katherine! You wouldn’t believe May Lee!! She is training for the marathon, we think. She runs everywhere and if a shar-pei could grin she must be doing so — she feels that good! What a treat to see her so well after the reiki sessions and that after more than a year of being near death and suffering during the prolonged recovery. I have dusted off my running shoes (no snow) and have trouble keeping up. She is better than she has been in years, Kathy keeps exclaiming. Her ears are healed, except for the dampness due to her tiny yet long ear canals.. but–wow– she’s something. Bow Wow… It just makes Kathy glow and May Lee too… how wonderful is that???” ~~ K. Kravik, Stockton Springs, Maine

“I have bred pedigree cats here in New Zealand for the last 6 years. Over the past year, Katherine has sent healing to many of my cats.

Raven's Reiki at 1 week“I have a little male kitten at present, who owes his life to her. Katherine sent healing to his mother, Yo, while she was in labour. When the contractions ceased, I was unsure whether or not Yo had delivered all her kittens. Katherine assured me there were two kittens left – a big one and a small one, a male and a female. She also said that she felt there was some reason they could not be born and that she felt they needed to be delivered fairly soon. I took Yo to the after hours vet where an ultrasound showed that there was indeed a kitten high up in her uterus. The only option was to operate. A caesarian was performed and a male kitten delivered and pronounced Dead On Arrival. I was, however, able to revive him. There was also another small lump in the uterus, which the Vet thought at first was a reatined palcenta, but which was in fact a foetus that had calicfied at about 3-4 weeks of development. A big kitten and a small one- just as Katherine had said.

Raven's Reiki at 8 weeks“She continued to send Reiki to the revived kitten and 48 hours after his delivery- he was suckling on his mother along with his siblings. It has been my experience, that a revived kitten seldom learns to suckleand instead relies on supplementary feeding. If it had not been for Katherine and her insistence that the kittens required immediate help I would have given the oxytocin (that had been administered earlier) more time to work- and the kitten would certainly have been past revival.

“Katherine has an unquestionable skill in her ability to send healing. I am awed by her accuracy and her results. To show my gratitude I have named this wee boy kitten Vendredo Ravens Reiki.” ~~ Sandy Bowker, Vendredo Tonkinese, New Zealand

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