Reiki Treatments

Working with People

Reiki treatments can be given either in person or long distance. An in-person session with me, as with most practitioners, includes a period of listening and talking, followed by an hour to an hour and a half of work on the table. I combine Reiki with sound techniques, voice dialogue, and the promptings of the spirit. No two reiki experiences are alike and no two practitioners work in exactly the same way.

raph and jaspar bearsA long-distance treatment (as I do it) is basically the same thing as an in-person session except that I use a teddy bear as a surrrogate for the person/animal receiving the energy. I usually use the handsome grey fellow named Raphael Emanuel Bear for people and a small brown bear named Japsar Gabriel Bear for animals. (See photo below.) It never ceases to amaze me that in touching this small bear I can make an intense connection with the person receiving the energy. I remember working on one woman some years ago, and “seeing” a kind of incision across her shoulders and then gradually sensing that it ran down her back in a large I-shaped scar. When I shared this with her in our telephone follow-up, she expalined that she in fact had such an incision and had spent two years in a body cast in her teens. Amazing!

(Let me note here that there is another form of long distance healing which involves a very short, focussed sending of energy to one or more people. This is a very powerful form of healing also, but is not what I mean when I refer to long-distance or remote work.)

Working with Animals

Except for my own animals, I do my animal reiki almost exclusively long distance. I like to work this way because I think it is more effective for the animals, particularly if they are ill. Most sick animals tend to pull away from contact and even when they don’t they are able to tolerate only so much hands on attention. Long-distance, however, they seem to take in energy quite comfortably for longer periods of time. The bear who works with me as a surrogate for animals is a small Alaskan brown (teddy) bear named Jasper Gabriel Bear. Clients whose animals I have worked on almost always see an immediate and dramatic change in their animal’s attitude and behavior.

Some Additional Thoughts

One of the fascinating things about Reiki is that it flows on many levels. It goes where it is needed, generating healing in sore joints or injured muscles, calming shattered nerves, easing grief, or unlocking blocked physical, spiritual or emotional energy to alleviate and release childhood or adult trauma. Reiki’s effects are sometimes dramatic, sometimes subtle, and always profound.

I know from personal experience that even the darkest moments and events in our lives can be reforged into beacons of light. Having journeyed deeply into my own psyche using many modalities, I am able to offer a depth of compassion and a breadth of hope and vision along with the nourishing and restorative power of the Reiki.

Reiki Session Fees

In Person Sessions: $50.00
Long-Distance Reiki for Humans: $30.00
Long-Distance Reiki for Animals: $25.00

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