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I often am prompted to use sound when I reiki people. When this first started I felt quite embarrassed by it, but it seems to touch people in very positive ways so I have kept doing it and it has become a source of great joy to me. It had never occurred to me to put my toning on tape until recently. In Arizona, I have a seven-year-old friend named Nicholas who loves the healing sounds. He was a bit upset that I was moving away and I thought I would tape a bit of the channelled sound for him so I would be there if he needed me. Then another friend (Saggio – whose Native America flute CDs are beyond just wonderful) suggested that I make a CD and gave me the name of the man who recorded his CDs. I took a leap of faith and Love Tones is the outcome.

The Love Tones CD is a 54 minute tape of channelled healing sound. I’m not exactly sure how to explain it. It is vocal but not really singing. It comes through me, I believe, with the guidance of Spirit. It is improvised. There was no rehearsal, no retakes, but simply love and reiki channeled as sound. I had great joy and wonder in creating it and I hope it will touch your hearts and your spirits.

To order a copy (or copies!) of the Love Tones CD, you may either contact me by email at or by writing to me at P.O. Box 264, Callicoon, New York 12723. Each CD is $15.00 plus shipping.

Shipping Costs

In the Continental US & Canada:

$ 2.00 for a single CD
$ 3.00 for two CDs
$ 5.00 for orders of 3-6 CDs
$ 7.00 for orders of 7 or more CDs

International Rates:

$ 5.00 for a single CD
$ 8.00 for two CDs
$13.00 for orders of 3-6 CDs
$17.00 for orders of 7-10 CDs

What People Are Saying About Love Tones…

“Just lie back and relax and listen the sound of an angel soothing and healing you. It is an absolutely heavenly experience to experience Katherine radiating the sound of spirit that touches your body and soul.” ~ Joyce Kaessinger

“Katherine, your ‘Love Tones’ CD comes from a place of deep love. You have done with your voice what I have done with my Native American flutes — embraced a beautiful gift of the Spirit, took a leap of faith as a healing artist, and offered sacred sounds to a world hungry for spiritual nourishment.

“I continue to be blessed by your inspired recording and, sometimes, when I am particularly centered I accompany you with my Native American flute. The effect is truly mesmerizing.

“‘Love Tones’ will surely be a blessing to all who linger in its sacred soundscape. I am honored to be among the first wave of listeners to make this CD an integral part of my life.” ~ Many blessings, Saggio

“Love Tones is a sonic meditation and blessing, a sacred reiki song for deep healing. Ravenlea’s rich and soulful voice is a vessel for peace and rejuvenation. Her music opens the chakras and moves through the cells of the body, literally vibrating in one’s bones to nourish the whole being.” ~ Ellie Sarty (singer, composer, voice teacher)

“I knew it would sound beautiful, but I had no idea of what a calming affect Love Tones would have. Even my cats were drawn to it. They lay down on top of the stereo as soon as I started playing the CD.” ~ Diana Kantor

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