About Raven

RavenleaMy name is Katherine Rabenau, though I am also known here in cyberspace as Ravenlea. I am a reiki master/teacher and practitioner and have been practicing reiki for over 10 years. I hope this site will awaken your curiosity about the wonder of this inexplicable and remarkable healing art. I hope that it will convey my love and joy in the privilege of participating in what to me is a continuing miracle.

As human beings we have only begun to tap into our capacity for healing on the spiritual, emotional and physical level. We are – each and every one of us – awesome and capable of astonishing things if we only allow them to happen.

Reiki is accessible to every being on the planet. Anyone can receive it and anyone can learn to give it as well. In the pages that follow, I hope to demystify reiki a bit, to answer questions you may have about it, to provide you with links to some of the wealth of information available on the internet, and to share the reiki experience through the words of some of my clients. I have also posted a page with a photo of healing hands which… well, I hope you’ll let me know what you experience.